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Hey Viewers,

I'm Brazilian born, US citizen, and recent grad in the field of Animation,
still exploring art and self advertisement after the four short years of collage.

Many things interest me from:
Illustration (especially children's illustrated books),
Graphic Design & Vector Art,
Inked Drawings/ Comic Art,
and of coarse, Animation!

I'm a big process guy.
Love digesting how things are done/ come together,
so please check out my Tumblr account
to see more process drawings of those I post & more.  
(Just search for my name: GuilhermeVerissimo)

When it comes to art books (& sketchbooks), I'm also a huge collector
& admirer. If you ever want to chat about art books, I'm your man.
I'd love to share my favorites.


United States

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SquidonDA Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
WHOOT Gui is on DA!
GuilhermeVerissimo Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Hey Kenny!
How's school so far?
I know how it can be brutal at times.

Art is still this sort of weird, metamorphic baby I'm trying to understand, get used to, and or trying to win over.
I think I understand why people sometimes lock on to a sort of style sometimes (not only for promotional/advertising purposes), but maybe also because it's nice to finally feel comfortable in art. -I find it funny that in this example, "art" seems to be used as a state of mind or atmosphere in which we try to find comfort and focus in...or it's a place of escape and solitude/ singularity.
SquidonDA Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
God that was so well put Gui. I need to have deep conversations with you more often.

YES, art is my comfort and I guess having to think outside of that comfort zone is often annoying and challenging and EVEN when I turn around and embrace it my professors burn me with D's. You know it's that kind of thing all semester I never saw improve. My grades just plummeted. Ah oh well.

When I am in Houston this winter vacation, I gotta try and have coffee with you and Thai.
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